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Simply put, my mission is being devoted to you... making the most of your sessions, so that you receive the guidance or healing that is in the highest good for your body, mind, and soul.

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Hi my name is Billie-Jean. I am spiritual practitioner who offers intuitive guidance through multiple modalities. Whether we explore your path through an Astrology reading or a Tarot session it is my goal to inspire your own revelations by bringing clarity and insight to your journey.
I am a Reiki Master who believes that Reiki is a safe, yet powerful practice, that can assist you if you are looking for stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief, or spiritual healing.
I also believe that energetic healing happens at a physical and cellular level, so incorporating living foods into your everyday day life will assist in raising your vibrations. I am a certified Raw Food Chef and can help simplify eating healthy with delicious gourmet raw food recipes.

I believe we are here to inspire and guide each other along this journey, so that we may collectively evolve.

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